One special pipe applying aerodynamics goes
beyond conventional reaction and mixing levels.

Breaks down Liquid - Liquid, Gas - Liquid,
       Solid - Liquid into microparticles.


Chemical reaction Emulsification / Deoxygenation / Micro-nano bubbles / Dispersion etc.
Water treatment DAF / Ozone treatment / Diluting / Dispersion / Neutralization etc.

Real case examples

  • High-pressure homogenizer operating at 50MPa pressure was replaced with an OHR MIXER (0.5MPa operation) at the factory production line.
  • Ultrahigh efficiency N2 substitution type deoxygenation unit. <The DO 10.0mg/L in liquid can be decreased to 0.2mg/L continuously>
  • An ultra-low additive of 3.0ppm is uniformly dispersed in liquid instantaneously. ▶See 9 real case examples

Gas - Liquid instantaneous reaction air diffuser.


Chemical reaction Never clogs air diffuser / Prevent sludge accumulation / prevent H2S etc.
Water treatment Gas-Liquid reaction/Dissolution/Degassing/Chemical reaction acceleration etc.

Real case examples

  • Even in a 30% lime slurry tank no clogging for 18 years.
  • Comparing OHR AERATOR with powerful submersible aerators, OHR AERATOR shows approx 7-times higher Oxygen Transfer Rate.
  • Maintenance free for 26 years when used in a sludge storage tank (SS: 20,000mg/L). ▶See real case examples

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