One special pipe applying aerodynamics goes beyond conventional reaction and mixing levels.OHR MIXER

OHRMIXSER Product Photo

The OHR MIXER doesn’ t have the limitations
conventional in-line mixers have.

The OHR MIXER’ s superior efficiency and performance record is very clear.

In-line static mixers are well known for their low quality mixing and
reaction capabilities. But make no mistake the OHR MIXER is technically
far better than conventional in-line static mixers and this is reflected in
the OHR MIXER’ s superior performance.
This is clear from 9 real case examples below.


The only original mechanism in the world.

OHR has two original unique structures.

The two unique structures are installed inside of the OHR MIXER.
The simple and well designed shape has simply overcome the limitations
of conventional fluid treatment theory and technologies.
OHR technology has been developed by its developer’ s unique
technological thought and idea.


For Gas-Liquid, Liquid-Liquid, Solid-Liquid

Complete mixing with just one pipe.

Conventional mixing/reaction equipment requires complex
equipment such as pressure tank, reaction tank, agitator.
But this equipment is also not able to mix/react thoroughly.
Only one OHR MIXER replaces conventional complex expensive
inefficient reaction/mixing equipment because the OHR MIXER can
break down the fluids into microparticles instantaneously.

Useful both for improving existing equipment and developing brand new products.

Suitable for chemical reaction, wastewater treatment, and food / beverage development.

Whatever the type of fluid reaction and mixing you want to do, in order to progress it’ s necessary to come back to
the basics of breaking down the fluids into microparticles which is the foundation of OHR’ s technology.
Therefore the OHR MIXER can be used for 1) chemical reactions, 2) wastewater treatment, 3) food /beverage
development, and any other mixing and reaction usages.

From small amounts (10L/min) to very large amounts (15,000L/min) can be treated with one pipe.

We will select from over 30 models of OHR MIXER that best suits your needs.

We have 30 models of OHR MIXER with standard specifications.
We will select the most appropriate model according to your application requirements and details such as
purpose of use, treatment volume, permissible pressure, viscosity etc.
We will also make a custom-made model based on our original calculations when none of our 30 models fit your

You can request the OHR MIXER in Titan, Teflon, and the other specific materials.

SUS316, SUS316L, PVC ,Teflon, Titan and Hastelloy are all available too when you use the OHR MIXER in a corrosive environment where standard material SUS304 can not be used.

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