The only inline mixer that can replace high pressure emulsification equipment.

We have supplied OHR MIXERs used for emulsification in 288 cases. (As of Sep. 2018)

“Emulsification” is the integration of liquids that separate normally such as “oil” and “water” and is used for many types of
production of food (mayonnaise, dressing, etc), fuel (emulsified fuel), resin, cosmetics and others. Emulsification is extremely
important because good or bad emulsification affects the quality of the products in product development and mass production.
Emulsifying a very small amount of liquid under laboratory conditions is easy by applying high pressure, heat and adding
chemicals. But very expensive large high-maintenance emulsification equipment is required for industrial production. This
equipment can only emulsify a small amount and uses a lot of electricity.
Conventional emulsification equipment has complicated mechanisms. Typically there are two types of conventional
emulsification equipment. One type has rotating stirring blades that run at high speed in a tank and can only be used for batch
production only. The other type collides fluids at very high pressure through very narrow pipes. Both types of equipment
are very expensive to purchase and maintain.

Real case examples of emulsification with OHR MIXER.

At a very low pressure of 0.3MPa water and light oil can be emulsified.

グラフThe OHR MIXER’s emulsification capacity is equal to or surpasses
high pressure emulsification equipment. The required pressure for
OHR MIXER is only 1% of the pressure required for high pressure
emulsification equipment. For example, light oil and water are
passed through an OHR MIXER using only a pump at 0.3MPa without
adding an emulsifier (chemical), the fluids will be 2~3μm in size and

Please see data comparing OHR MIXER with homomixer (mechanical
rotary shear type emulsification equipment). The two graphs on the
right show emulsification test results. The upper one contains target
particle size set at 5.0μm and the lower one contains target particle
size set at 20μm. (The factory that conducted this test produces
several types of emulsified liquids with differing particle sizes
according to the product requirement.)  
The red line is the particle size of the emulsified liquid made by
OHR MIXER. (Liquids passed through the OHR MIXER three times at
0.4MPa.) The green line is the particle size of the emulsified liquid
made by homomixer.
The OHR MIXER generates many more smaller particles than the
homomixer as shown in the graphs on the right.
If you want to make smaller sized emulsified liquid particles, increase
the pressure of the pump which sends liquids to the OHR MIXER.

Only increasing the passing times through the OHR MIXER without
increasing the pump pressure may decrease the particle size slightly.
The OHR MIXER emulsifies in just a moment at 0.04 seconds, so even
if passing the liquids through the OHR MIXER more than once it only
takes a few seconds.

We will tell you the suitable model of OHR MIXER and required pump spec that meets your conditions.

グラフThe way to emulsify using the OHR MIXER is very simple. A typical
flow is as shown on the right.
Continuous treatment and batch treatment are also possible
according to your request.

A lineup of 15 models of OHR MIXER from test size (10L/min) to a very
large size (15,000L/min) to suit your uses and treatment volumes.
You can emulsify with a combination of just only one OHR MIXER and
one pump even when treatment volume is very large.

In order to select the suitable model of OHR MIXER, please provide
the following minimum information on the checklist form. Click the
checklist URL below to fill in the checklist form and send to us.
1) Volume of each liquid.
2) Specific gravity and viscosity of each liquids.
3) Spec and type of pump you want to use with the OHR MIXER.
  (*if you have a pump)
4) Special remarks.
  (e.g. whether it is corrosive fluid, problems you are having, etc.)

Note: The boundary phase between oil and water does not change when not adding an emulsifier, so the emulsification state
after passing through the OHR MIXER is not permanent and the water and oil will separate after time but not immediately so
you don’t need to add an emulsifier when you use the emulsified liquid immediately after production. However when you don’t
use the emulsified liquid immediately after production you need to add an emulsifier in order to keep the emulsification state.

For more detail, please contact.

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